Westside Timbers Premier Soccer Club, Beaverton, Oregon

Personal Training Sessions
Please contact Esteban directly to schedule your session

Due to the concerns with the coronavirus (COVID-19)
Personal Training has been Cancelled.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Trainer: Esteban El Llamosa email (401) 406-0711

Esteban El Llamosa Biography

The Westside Timbers have added Personal Training as a resource for our players. Personal Training is for players who want to enhance and improve their individual skills and knowledge, allowing them to perform at a higher level. Training is customized to the player, helping the player to develop and expand the skills needed to improve and contribute to their game.

Key areas that will be focused on are -short and long passing, first touch, tempo/pace of dribbling, shooting. We will also work on individual needs of the player for specific positions.

Esteban El Llamosa, grew up playing premier level soccer in Southern California, including with the Chivas MLS Academy. As an adult Esteban trained and played for the NY Cosmos and spent 3 years playing in Colombia.


Personal Trainer Fee Structure

Registered Westside Timbers Players

Single player $70 per hour

Two players training together in single session $60 each per hour

Three players training together in a single session $50 each per hour

Four players training together in a single session $45 each per hour

Non-Westside Timbers players

Single player $80 per hour

Payment Options

Payment due at beginning of each training session

Check made payable to: Westside Timbers Soccer Club

Esteban El Llamosa


Please print and complete the waiver and bring to your first training. Waiver is required to participate.

Personal Training Waiver