Westside Timbers Premier Soccer Club, Beaverton, Oregon

Westside Timbers
@ Tualatin/Sherwood

This is the information page for the Westside Timbers Tualatin/Sherwood for the
2020-2021 soccer season.
These teams train in the Tualatin/Sherwood area.

Competitive soccer was developed to provide players with the opportunity and environment to pursue soccer at the highest levels of competition. The Westside Timbers program is for skilled and motivated players who desire this increased level of competition and commitment to the game.

Keep watching for Tryout Dates to post!

Coaching Staff

2020/2021 Coach Staff will be posted soon!

Program Costs 2020/2021


Will be posted as soon as the start of the 2020/2021 Season in announced


Team fees are payable to the team and cover such things as tournaments, travel, coaches travel expenses, extra team activities. These fees are divided amongst the players on the team. There is no set fee for this as each team participates in different tournaments and activities.

2019/2020 Age Groups

All players must register at their true age group based on their birth year as per the chart below.

Soccer Year
Age Groups
Players born in 2012 U9
Players born in 2011 U10
Players born in 2010 U11
Players born in 2009 U12
Players born in 2008 U13
Players born in 2007 U14
Players born in 2006 U15
Players born in 2005 U16
Players born in 2004 U17
Players born in 2003 U18
Players born in 2002 U19


Uniforms for the 2020/2021 Season will be new, this will be the first year of the new 2 year cycle. These uniforms will be good for the 2002/202 & 2021/2022 Seasons
All players will be required to purchase at Tursis'